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Descendants of Robert Byrn New Zealand & Australia

1 Robert Byrn (b.c.1796), of Leighlinbridge, Co Carlow, Ireland.

Robert Byrn was the youngest of five brothers and two sisters. He and his wife, Anne Le Toler Boid, themselves had five sons (Henry, George, John, Archdall and James) all of whom emigrated to Australia at some time from the early 1850s onwards. The eldest, Henry, had some legal training. The other four all had medical training (we understand — certainly John and Archdall did). The middle son, John, later returned to Ireland and established a practice in New Ross, Co. Wexford, whereas his family evidently remained in Australia (four sons and a daughter).
To date we have information about the descendants of Henry, John and Archdall, but not about the other two brothers. On the other hand, we do have names and dates of various other Byrns who lived in New South Wales, without being able to fit them into what we so far know of the family.
Henry moved on from NSW to New Zealand in 1855, where he established himself in Masterton. In 1871 he married a young wife, Emma Ball. Over the next 20 years they had eleven children.

BYRNs in New Zealand:

2 Henry Le Toler Byrn (1828-1892). b.1828 in Leighlinbridge, Co Carlow, Ireland. Moved from New South Wales to New Zealand in 1855. He served in the Maori wars in Waikato 1860-1864. In later years he was appointed as Bailiff of the Residential Magistrates Court in Masterton. d. April 1892 in Masterton.
+ (11 Mar. 1871) Emma Jane Ball in Greytown, b.27 Feb 1854 in Wellington, dau. of James Ball; d. June 1918 in Masterto

3 Robert Byrn (b&d 1872)
3 Annie Byrn (b.1873, d.1891)
3 Mervyn Byrn (b.1876, d.1943)
+ (1913) Julia Catherine Harker Briden

4 Mervyn Percival Briden Byrn (b.1915)
4 George Charles Briden Byrn (b.1917)

3 Dorcas Byrn (b.1877, d.1936)
+ (1902) James Sedcole

4 James Sedcole (b.1905)
4 Alfred Sedcole (b.1908)

3 Henry Le Toler Byrn (b.1879, d.1965)
+ (1911) Rosa Maria Simmonds (d.1976

4 Henry (Harry) Le Toler Byrn (b.1912, d.1990)
+ (1948) Phyllis Swaniston

3 Horace Byrn (b.1881, d.1945)
+ (1913
) Annie Maria Clelend Storring

4 Douglas Horace Storring Byrn (b.1913, d.1942 in Auckland)
4 Cynthia Elsie Mine Kato Rangi Byrn (b.1917)
+ H. Bleakly

5 Robert Bleakly
5 Douglas Bleakly

4 John Arthur Byrn (b.1920)
+ (1942) Rhoda Martin (b.1920)

5 Marguerita Ann Byrn
5 David Byrn

4 Robert Byrn (b.1922)
4 Patricia Valerie Byrn (b.1924)

3 Emma Jane Byrn (b.1884 in Buller; d.after 1949)
+ (1913) Alfred Joseph Terry
3 Bernard Byrn (b.1886 in Greytown; d.1937, California, USA)
+ (1909) Mary Emily Lyttle

4 Marie Byrn (b.c.1910)
+ F.Tate

3 Evelyn Byrn (b.1887 in Masterton; d. after 1949)
+ (1928) Allan James Carmichael

4 John A. Carmichael (b.1929)

3 Ellen Byrn (b.1889, d.1983)
+ (1915) Leonard John Bishop (b.1885, d.1970)

4 Earl Bishop (b.1916, d.1920)
4 Betty Bishop (b&d 1922)
4 Athol Leonard Bishop (b.1927)

3 Archdall (Tom) Augustus Byrn (b.1891, d.1937)
+ M.E.Snayds

4 Molly Byrn (b.1927)

BYRNs in Australia:

2 George Byrn, MD b.c.1832 Leighlinbridge; lived in Melbourne, Australia.

2 John R. Byrn, MD b.c.1835 Leighlinbridge; returned to New Ross, Co. Wexford, Ireland, d.c.1883
+ Frances P.

3 George Alexander Byrn b.c.1860; d.1921 Burwood, Sydney, NSW.
+ Elizabeth (Lilly) A. Byrn b.1864; d.1921 Sydney

4 Frances Byrn b.c.1897; d.1903
4 Mervyn Nicholas Fleetwood Byrn b.after 1860; d.1936 Croydon, NSW
4 Patricia Byrn b.c.1905
4 George Byrn b.c.1907

3 Joseph Byrn b.c.1863
3 Henry Le Toler Byrn b.c.1865; d.1913
3 [dau] Byrn b.c.1868; d.April 1943
+ ?? Richards

4 John L.N. Richards

2 Archdall Edward Byrn, MD b.1837 Leighlinbridge; d.1901 Elsternwick, Melbourne.
+ 1867 Elizabeth Ann Benstead in Carlow, Victoria, NSW

3 Elizabeth (Lilly) Ann Byrn b.1868 Maldon, NSW; d.1944 Ashfield, NSW.
3 Fanny Louisa Sophia b.1870 Maldon; d.1876 Maldon, Victoria.
3 Catherine Le Toler b.& d.1872, Maldon, Victoria.
3 Charles Edward b.1874; d.1877 (possibly before the birth of James), Maldon, Victoria.
3 James Edward b.1877 Maldon; d.1917 Burwood, NSW.
3 Ellen May b.1879 Maldon
3 Archdall Robert Byrn b.17 Apr 1882; d.27 Oct 1886

(2008: I am delighted to mention the research of a Benstead family member in New South Wales who has recently done substantial research into Archdall Byrn and his descendants: his account may be published in the near future.)

2 James Byrn, MD b.c.1840, Leighlinbridge; d. in Australia

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